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We help Executors and families with the settlement of their loved one’s estate.

Challenges of Being an Executor

If you have been chosen as an Executor but have no prior experience settling an estate, it may prove to be a daunting task.

18 - 24 Months

Average time to settle an estate

$250K - $1M

The size of 33% of all estates

500+ Hours

Effort required to settle an estate

$25K - $50K

The average cost of funeral, legal and administrative expenses combined

58% of Executors

Have no awareness of their legal duties

Executor Stress

Caused by Administrative and Emotional

Executor Stress

Caused by Administrative and Emotional

An Executor has a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries and must act in their best interests when managing money and assets of the estate. 

Executors are empowered with authority, burdened with responsibility, and exposed to liability in the normal course of estate administration.

While you are not expected to know everything when acting as an Executor, you are expected to learn about your role and entitled to hire professionals to help you with the estate settlement.

Your first step is to empower yourself with guidance, knowledge and tools – beginning with a FREE Consultation.


10 Critical Mistakes That Executors Make

This guide will help you anticipate and avoid errors that may lead to estate losses and personal liability.

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Executors We Serve

85%* of Executors fall into one of three groups, each with unique needs.”

The Surviving Spouse

As the surviving spouse you will likely receive jointly owned assets without issue, but other assets may pass through the estate and require your administration and eventual distribution to the beneficiaries.

You may need guidance navigating the estate settlement process and help with tasks such as government death benefits applications, notifications, and income tax filings.

The Beneficiary

As an executor who will also inherit, you have the authority and legal duty to settle the estate and distribute assets to the other beneficiaries.

You need to take focused, prompt action while also protecting yourself from personal liability.

You must strive to maintain trust and respect with other beneficiaries, especially through any long-buried family issues.

The Trusted Friend

As a dear friend, you’ve been chosen to take control of the estate, settle the debts or taxes, and deliver a financial legacy to the beneficiaries.

You need to be knowledgeable about estate settlement so as to tactfully navigate any family dynamics that may influence your decisions and be fully transparent through clear communications and precise estate accounting.

*The remaining 15% are comprised of court-appointed administrators or trust administration service providers. According to Market Research Group survey of 1,200 participants. 

Why Engage an Executor Coach?

With an Executor Coach at your side, you will have:


Get guidance from someone who is knowledgeable, impartial and trustworthy.


Understand and embrace your role, authority and responsibilities.


Speak confidently and effectively with beneficiaries, creditors and others.


Protect yourself from the chance of costly errors and personal liability.


Honour the deceased’s wishes in support of the beneficiaries.

I encourage you to share a little about your current situation and concerns. Together we can determine how I can serve you and map out some next steps.

About Ron

Hi, my name is Ron Balachandra and I help Executors navigate the complexities of estate settlement.

After losing my mom to Cancer in 2010, I administered her estate over the next several years and in that time, learned a great deal about Executor duties, estate accounting, probate and taxation.

In the years that followed, I was often asked to help family members and friends with estate settlement challenges upon the loss of their loved ones. 

I soon recognized that I could leverage my experience to create a boutique business that serves the needs of Executors and families through the challenges of estate settlement.

Over the past few years, I have earned designations as a Life Insurance Advisor, Estate Planner, Certified Life Coach and Certified Executor Advisor (CEA). 

My mission is to empower individuals in their time of need, and I invite you to take the next step with me.

Our Executor Solutions







Executor Coaching

Achieve greater results, faster!

The Coaching Process

Coaching is about helping you achieve a breakthrough, when you are not able to do it yourself. 

Within a confidential session, you can share your unique challenges that are halting your progress. 

Through a consultative approach, we will help you identify core issues and explore potential solutions that can move you forward towards your next goal. 

Combined with our tools and services, Coaching can help you maximize your results in a shorter period of time.



What is an Executor Coach? 

Executor Coach is an individual who has earned the Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) designation, has practical knowledge of the role, and is uniquely qualified to steer executors away from potential problems. 

Please note that executor coaching is not a substitute for Counselling or Legal Advice. We do not advise on personal or legal issues, and we encourage you to always seek guidance from trained professionals.

An Executor Coach is there to help you get started, support you along the way, and empower you to achieve greater results, faster!

Executor Coaching

1 on 1 Personalized Guidance through any estate challenges




100% Reimbursable Expense

Executor Tools

Executor Toolkit

Get Started Today!

Executor Workbook

A detailed guide through all steps of estate settlement.

  • 52 Pages of Instructions
  • Checklists & Timelines
  • Storyline & Key Concepts
  • Glossary of Terms
  • External Resource Links

Letter Templates (14)

Pre-written letters that save you hours of writing time.

  • Provincial & Federal
  • Creditor & Beneficiary
  • Letters of Directions
  • Distribution Releases and more

Excel Spreadsheets (8)

Account for every asset, income, expense & action.

  • Listing of Physical Assets
  • Income & Expenses
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Distribution of Assets and more

Arkive: Data Vault

Consolidate personal details into a single reference tool.

  • Personal Identification
  • Family & Social Contacts
  • Professional Contacts
  • Account Numbers
  • Login & Passwords and more

Probate Basics

Foundational knowledge of the Probate process.

  • In Simple & Legal Terms
  • When it is Needed
  • Application Process
  • Probate Fees
  • Regional/Provincial Rules and more

Tax Basics

Foundational knowledge of the Tax filing process.

  • Types of Tax Returns
  • Filing Due Dates
  • Processing Timelines
  • Detailed Checklist
  • Final Clearance Request and more

Final Note

Reduce your workload by 90% with our online digital notification system which creates and e-files estate documents such as account transfers, cancellations, or letters of direction.

Digital Notification

Complete in three simple steps.

Step 1

Input personal data into the system. 

Step 2

Transmit your notifications to selected government agencies and service providers.

Step 3

Receive a detailed transmission report for your records.

Notify multiple government agencies, credit bureaus, and private service providers in order to cancel
benefits, services and contracts.

  • Service Canada
  • Social insurance Number
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • CPP
  • OAS
  • GIS
  • EI
  • Canada Post
  • Provincial Health Cards
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport/ Nexus
  • Membership Cards
  • Transfer Reward Points
  • Cellular Phones
  • Status Cards
  • Domestic & Foreign Property
  • Military
  • Pensions
  • Registered Investments
  • Permanent Residence
  • Firearms
  • US Social Security
  • Home Utilities
  • Credit Cards/ Charge Cards
  • Life Insurance

Document Preparation

Benefit applications requiring detailed information and supporting documents are often onerous and confusing.
We provide hands-on guidance to ensure they are completed accurately and filed promptly.

  • CP Death Benefit Applications
  • CP Survivors Benefit Applications

Digital Notifications and Document Preparation is provided in partnership with FinalDocx

Basic Bundle

All the Instructions, Tools and Knowledge you need to get started today


100% Tax Deductible Expense

Advanced Package

Tailored settlement guide and done-with-you document service, plus ongoing support


100% Reimbursable Expense

Premium Suite

A guided Implementation Plan of the Advanced Package tools, delivered through Live Coaching Sessions.


100% Reimbursable Expense

Full List of Features & Benefits

  • 74 Pages of Instruction
    Step-by-Step estate settlement tasks, from day 1 to final distribution
  • Fictional Storyline
    Follow the journey of an Executor through all estate settlement tasks
  • Checkable Task List
    Track what has been completed and what is left to do
  • Key Concepts
    Concise descriptions that help you understand the ‘why’ behind each task
  • Glossary of Terms
    Clear definitions of commonly used estate terms
  • External Links Additional resources for more specialized information


✔️ Understand your role and responsibilities

✔️ Avoid costly errors that could lead to personal liability

✔️ Stay compliant with estate settlement rules and timelines

✔️ Save weeks of do-it-yourself research time 

Value of $250

Delivery Format:
Downloadable PDF and Printed (shipped)

  • 8 Financial Worksheets
    • Assets & Liabilities
    • Income & Expenses
    • Inventory & Distribution
      and more…
  • 20 Letter Templates:
    • Provincial and Federal Government Notifications

    • Financial, Creditor, Beneficiary Notifications
    • Stop Service, Modify Service
    • Cancel Subscriptions and Memberships
      and more…


✔️ Capture monetary values for probate applications and tax filings

✔️ Account for every asset type and distribution type

✔️ Provide accurate reporting for beneficiaries

✔️ Comply with estate settlement and tax rules

✔️ Save hours and hours of document development time

Value of $200

Delivery Format: Downloadable excel and word

  • Personal Identification
    Date of Birth, Social Insurance Number, Driver’s Licence
  • Family and Social
    Spouse, Children, Relatives and Friends
  • Financial Account Numbers
    Banks, Investments, Insurance
  • Professional Contacts
    Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Doctor
  • Username & Passwords
    Online Banking, Social Media Accounts, Subscription Services


✔️ Consolidate information once and reference many times 

✔️ Save time from constantly searching for the same personal information

✔️ Use for government benefit, probate and tax purposes

Value of $50

Delivery Format: Downloadable & Fillable PDF

  • Probate
    • Simple Definition
    • What Probate Confirms
    • When to Apply
    • Probate Fees
    • Application Timeline
    • What Next? 
  • Tax
    • Returns of the Deceased
    • Returns of the Estate 
    • Tax Filing Dates
    • Processing Timelines
    • Clearance Certificates
    • Notice of Assessments
    • Final Clearance Certificate Requests


✔️ Foundational knowledge that every executor should know

✔️ Speak confidently with your lawyer and accountant/ tax preparer

Value of $50

Delivery Format: Downloadable PDF

  • Online Estate Settlement Guide
    Based on the deceased’s information, the Cadence software analyzes 100+ estate tasks and generates a customized, step-by-step list of only those that apply.

    • Interactive, informative and user-friendly
    • Centralized dashboard for measuring progress

      ✔️ Never lose track of where you are in the estate settlement process

      ✔️ Rely on clear instructions and background knowledge at every step

  • Document Service
    Based on the deceased’s information, the Cadence software analyzes 350+ estate documents and generates personalized copies of only those that apply.

    • Government applications
    • Subscriptions and account closures
    • Insurance and Pension Claims
    • Credit bureau notifications

and many more… 

✔️ Reduce document preparation time by 90%+

✔️ Avoid data entry errors through the auto-filling functions

  • Onboarding Call
    Feel supported and at ease with a friendly Customer Service Associate

    Value of $500
    (Online Estate Settlement Guide, Document Service, Onboarding Call)

Delivery Format: Provided by Cadence

  • We Keep You On Track
    • Sequenced task alerts with target milestones
    Overview of concurrent tasks and goals


  • We Keep You Informed
    • Updated content on estate topics
    Links to online resources


  • We Keep You Encouraged
    • Unlimited email inquiries
    • Next-Day response promise
    6 Month support period


✔️ Friendly, sequenced ‘nudges’ to keep you focused and on track

✔️ Ask any question, at your convenience

✔️ Feel supported and encouraged with our professional guidance

Value of $600

Delivery Format:
Emails and Client Support by ExecutorCoach.

  • Implementation Plan Modules

    Module 1:  Overview of the Advanced Package Tools (30 mins)

    Module 2: How the Tools Can Work Together (30 mins)

    Module 3: Their Contingent and Concurrent Use (30 mins)

    Module 4: Assessing Current Progress in Settlement Tasks (30 mins)

    Module 5: Setting Administrative Timeline Goals (30 mins)

    Module 6: Setting Immediate Tasks and Action Steps (30 mins)

    The modules reviewed, session lengths and frequency are flexible and contingent upon the clients’ knowledge base. 

    For example, a client can choose to review one module per session, or two modules in a 60-minute session at any frequency they want.

    Coaching session recordings are available for future reference.


  • 180 Minute Session Credit

    30- or 60-minute session lengths

    Virtual Web or phone meetings

    Convenient day or evening booking times available


  • Advanced Package Tools (included)

    Executor Online – Customized Estate Settlement Guide

    Resource Pack – Accounting & Inventory Worksheets, Letter Templates 

    Arkive – Personal Data Vault 

    Document Service – Applications, Notifications and Cancellations

    Probate & Tax Basics – Foundational Knowledge

    Estate Track – Task Alerts, New Content and Client Support Service


Receive the highest level of support and guidance to ensure your success!

Value of $1,396 

(Advanced Package $799 plus
3 hours of Coaching/ Implementation time $597)


Executor Services

Tax Preparation

Complete preparation and filing of all relevant tax returns as required by the Income Tax Act.



Commissioner of Oaths

Mobile service to your door for documents requiring a sworn oath or witness to a signature.



Training / Bootcamps

Live, web-based sessions with comprehensive resources at an affordable price.



As a beneficiary of an estate, you may be eligible to borrow a percentage of your inheritance before the estate is settled.

Beneficiaries can bypass any personal cash-flow issues and secure several types of loans: 

Funeral Advance – Ease the burden of funeral costs and focus on a meaningful tribute.

Probate Advance – Secure funding for this common estate expense. 

Estate Home Improvement – Optimize the value of an estate home for sale.

Inheritance Advance – Use towards debt repayment, education, investments or a vacation.

Access from $10,000 up to $75,000 of your inheritance now, instead of waiting months or years. 

  • No Formal Credit Check with a Quick Application Process
  • No Monthly or Annual Payments, pay only when the estate is settled.
  • Canadian Company with over 35 years in the financial services marketplace
  • Professional and Compassionate Associates who work to get you funded

Take the next step to find out how you can get approved today!

'Beyond Flowers' Gifting Program

When a loved ones passes away, the estate settlement process can be confusing and overwhelming for the family and the executor. 

At this challenging time, give them the gift of personalized guidance, tools and caring support.

  • Ideal for Relatives, Friends, Work Associates    and Employers who may want to pool their funds or purchase individually.
  • Denominations of $50, $100 & $250 available.
  • Redeemable for any Coaching, Tools, Services    or bundled packages. 

Estate Planning

Canadian Legal Wills

Get your personal affairs in order with these critical documents.

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care 

We have made it convenient, low-cost & easy.

  • Lawyer Approved Online Service
  • Follow Simple, Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Help is available every step of the way
  • Everything written in plain language
  • Save hundreds of dollars in Lawyer’s fees

Singles   (3 documents each): $99.95

Couples (3 documents each): $149.95


Most frequent questions and answers

Executor Coach is a brand name and title given to an individual who has practical experience as an Executor and has earned the Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) designation. 

CEA’s have practical knowledge of everything the executor needs to know and are uniquely qualified to steer executors away from potential problems.

An Executor is responsible for arranging the funeral, reviewing the will, identifying the beneficiaries, settling the debts of the estate, paying taxes, and distributing the residue of the estate to the beneficiaries.

An Executor is a person(s) named in a Will who is in charge of administering the estate. 

The Executor has a fiduciary duty, or a higher standard of care because they have to manage and distribute money belonging to other parties. 

The testator is a person who has made a will. 

An Executor can receive 2.5% – 5% of the value of the estate assets as compensation for their work, subject to terms in the Will, a court order, or an agreement with beneficiaries.

A Will is a legal document that states who you want to receive your assets when you pass away.

No, the Executor is not personally responsible however must follow specific guidelines regarding the priority of payments to creditors and taxes. 

All the assets and liabilities of an individual at the time of death.

If you have already started the process of administering an estate, it is important to review the steps you have taken, check for anything you have missed and understand what lies ahead. 

The Executor Toolkit includes resources that can help you self-assess your progress and plan your next steps in an organized and informed manner.

Executor Coaching sessions can provide valuable insight and guidance regarding estate administrative issues.

A beneficiary is a person or organization that is entitled to receive some advantage under a will, such as a gift of money, property or use of property.

Being an Executor comes with many responsibilities, therefore it is important to be prepared before the testator passes away. 

The Executor Toolkit includes resources to help you and the Testator understand the responsibilities and potential liabilities of this role. 

Probate is the process whereby a court establishes the validity of a will. 

Probate is typically required by financial institutions and provincial land registry systems in order for the executor to take control of financial assets or change title to property.

Executors are empowered with authority, burdened with responsibility, and exposed to liability in the normal course of estate administration. 

With the Executor Toolkit, you can understand what it takes to settle an estate and then select individual(s) you feel are most capable of taking on the role. 

A Coaching Session with you and your Executor can be invaluable to their success, once you have passed away.


Some concerns or personal situations cannot be fully explored until you speak with someone directly, so please take advantage of our Free Consultation.

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You probably have questions, and we’d love to answer them. We know this is not an easy topic so please trust that we take every step to stay private, confidential and understanding. Our initial consultations are always FREE and we’re available anytime.

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