Executors can often feel overwhelmed when they see how much work is actually involved in estate administration.

Once someone passes away, the responsibilities of the Executor begin, and they are legally required to;

  • gather, inventory and secure all estate assets
  • pay ongoing expenses and debts
  • liquidate assets
  • file all required tax returns
  • distribute the remaining assets.

In order to accomplish those objectives, Executors will need to interact with many people and organizations such as lawyers, creditors, bankers and government agencies.

Considering all the tasks that need to be accomplished, it is no surprise that an Executor will eventually encounter a problem they simply don’t know how to handle.

In that situation an Executor Coach can help them get clarity around a specific issue and provide guidance on the next step.

Why hire an Executor Coach?

With the guidance of an Executor Coach, you can…

  • See the overall process and timeline in a way that reduces confusion and promotes clarity
  • Prioritize estate administration activities into a daily, weekly, and monthly targets.
  • Reduce administrative expenses through a consistent procurement strategy
  • Minimize errors & liability by following a structured and transparent process

Coaching Options

Wherever you are in the estate administration process, we have a solution that can enhance your effectiveness.

Executor Essentials


Exclusive tools and resources for the do-it-yourself Executor.

  • Workbook
  • Video Tutorial
  • My Arkive

Executor Coaching


Personalized guidance for the new or active Executor.

  • Live Coaching
  • Session Notes
  • Action Plan

Executor Success

$734 $585/hr

A premium package with the highest level of support.

  • 3 Hours of Live Coaching
  • Session Notes
  • Action Plan
  • Workbook
  • Video Tutorial
  • My Arkive

Executor Essentials


This comprehensive workbook guides you step-by-step through 100+ tasks that must be completed by the Executor, from the day someone passes to the final distribution of the Estate assets.

  • Executor Task Checklist
  • Reference Material & Glossary of Terms
  • Links to Government Resources
  • Financial Forms: Income & Expense & Asset Control
  • Communication Scripts

Contains everything an Executor needs to dramatically increase their knowledge, follow a proven process, and minimize errors & liability.


This tutorial delivers a detailed explanation of the Executor Essentials package.

  • Executor Workbook and Resources
  • Use of Financial Forms and Communication Scripts
  • Links to Government Resources
  • Potential Legal Conflicts, Problems and Solutions
  • Communication Scripts

This tutorial is pre-recorded for convenient viewing online 24/7.


This interactive tool enables you to methodically gather and store sensitive information about the physical and financial assets of the deceased.

  • Personal Identification and Health Information
  • Bank & Investment Account Numbers
  • Links to Government Resources
  • Location of Will and Life Insurance Policie
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Online Social Media Accounts & Passwords

This digital directory allows quick access to confidential information

Executor Coaching


One-on-one coaching provides people with an independent and confidential sounding board to explore issues that arise and need to be resolved.

  • Access to knowledge and experience
  • Virtual (Zoom/Telephone) or in person meetings
  • Coaching Sessions of 30 or 60 minutes
  • Optional Follow-up calls set weekly, monthly or via emails

A cost-effective way to reduce errors & liability, speed up the administrative timeline and maximize value for the beneficiarie


Discussions within a Live Coaching session are memorialized as part of the coaching methodology and securely retained for future reference. They form the basis of an Executor’s decision-making rationale and can serve to support them when needed. Copies of Session Notes are available to clients within 24 hours of a written request.


Co-created within a Live Coaching session, your Action Plan would consist of;

  • a clear understanding of the long-term objectives
  • specific action steps that move you forward
  • timelines that create accountability.

Follow-up sessions can be scheduled weekly or monthly to track your progress against the plan.