Executors have many tasks to complete in the course of their duties, requiring them to interact with many people within a variety of organizations. In those situations, we can assist the Executor by performing specific tasks within the scope of the estate administration

Executors have different capabilities

Even the most earnest Executors may have unavoidable limitations that affect their ability to take action.

Executors may face specific challenges that limit their ability to act, some of which may include :

  • Limited experience or knowledge in financial matters
  • Family or work demands
  • Age or health-related restrictions.
  • Reside far away from the deceased.

Concierge Options

We offer supplemental services that assist the Executor within the day-to-day administration of the Estate.


We can act within a scope of authority to complete tasks or engage in third party negotiations.

  • Ease your Stress and Workload
  • Access our Skills and Experience
  • Retain your Authority at all times
  • Flexible Term Engagements


We can assist to identify and prepare all relevant tax returns legally required by the Income Tax Act.

  • Prior unfiled T1 General Returns
  • T1 Terminal Return (Year of Death)
  • T3 Trust Return (Estate)
  • Clearance Certificate Requests


We assist in situations that require an affidavit, affirmation or solemn declaration by a witness or Executor.

  • Affidavit of Execution in a Will
  • Declaration and Indemnity
  • Affidavit of Renunciation
  • Affidavit for Intestate Situations

Concierge Options

We offer supplemental services that assist the Executor within the day-to-day administration of the Estate.

Executors Agent

Is a flexible affordable solution that assists executors with the duties of estate administration. We can help ease the stress of being an executor and can be retained at any time during the estate settlement process when you need help the most.

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Commissioner of Oaths

Certain situations require the services of a Commissioner of Oaths in order to submit affidavits, affirmations, and declarations in and for Alberta.

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Final Expense Insurance

Available to the Testator (Will writer) in advance of death, the Funeral Expense, Taxes, Debts and administration fees can all be funded with a modest amount of guaranteed-issue life insurance.

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Tax Preparation

Upon someone’s unfortunate passing, their Executor or personal representative is legally required to file all relevant tax returns and pay all taxes owed, from the assets of the Estate.

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Estate Documents

Your wishes regarding your personal affairs can never be legally executed without first empowering your advocates through these three critical documents.

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